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NeedCheapChecks is part of the NeedFormsNetwork.


We uses the word "Cheap" NOT for low quality,

but for low cost.


We "needed" to find a way to lower the cost of checks.  Our research has found that BLUE is the most popular check color.  We have worked with suppliers to lower our price on blue checks and we have the "need" to pass this savings on to you. 


Use the Coupon Code    CHEAPCHECK    for a 5% discount.

Enter your code when you checkout.

(Blue checks will ship if another color is selected.)


You can select any check from any of our network companies as long as it is BLUE. Click a style of check below for more formats.


One-Write (pegboard) Checks
  starting at $70.25 for 300 checks with discount 
End-Stub Personal Size Checks
  starting at $8.50 for 20 checks with discount 
Blank Laser Check Stock
  starting at $33.20 for 500 checks with discount 
Voucher Checks
  starting at $99.70 for 250 checks with discount 



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